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Cristiano Schmidt Andujar


Photojournalist specialized in Sports Photography

The experience in "MotorSports Photography" comes from coverage of F1 GP Brasil 2022, the Go Kart Stars Challenge (Michael Schumacher, Felipe Massa, and others), from motorbike races, and some South American Formulas, and others



First covers, still with film camera, Formula Ford in Florianópolis/SC/Brazil, and Formula 1 in São Paulo, from the grandstand

19-8 - Formula 3 - 1997 - 4-1.jpg
19-9-2000 - 05 - F1 - 2000-2.jpg

Michael Schumacher

Gokart Stars Challenge Florianópolis/SC/Brazil

Bia Figueiredo

Coverage of Bia Figueiredo for sponsor TENA

Lamborghini tests Ímola, 2019

Motorbike - R3 Horas Yamaha Goiânia 2021

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